Powerful Words and Super Heroes

There are days when things just go straight to hell. Like last night, when I lay awake to way too late because of some negative thoughts I've gotten into my head that just wouldn't let go - or I wouldn't stop analysing them. I can't help but wonder if I feel meaningless because I am meaningless or because I just want something to whine about and that makes for a "good" reason to get myself heard.
Even more so I ponder upon the reason to my silence. Whenever I feel bad nowadays I just tend to shut up about it, live in my own little bubble and remain in my head. Yesterday I sent bits and pieces of my thoughts to a friend and I suppose that helped a bit, since I got to air it and hear for myself how it actually sounded like out loud, which makes the tension go away - some.
Words are powerful, oh so powerful.

Summer is ending fast, and so I find myself hesitating. I know what I want - sort of - and can just hope on that I'll get what I want in the end. Now I'm just going to convince myself that my life is my life and I can do what I want with it - no one will get disappointed.

More than that I haven't been on MSN for like... what? A month? And it feels fantastic! Sort of. I'm not going to stop being on MSN but Heaven knows it's been good to take a break from it. What's worse is that I'm lacking interest in actually drawing again, and I think I've come to terms with that and will allow myself to skip out on drawing for a while. I want to finish something to the current theme from Theme of The Week at DeviantArt, being Chess, but it's unlikely that I will actually sit down and do something. There's no clear image in my head of what I want to do so the lines aren't any good and then I just give up on the whole thing instead. I did get an idea last night though that I might be able to pull off tonight, as I tend to do better when I'm not all moody and beat down on myself (how strange). And obviously I might do some comics, since my visit at the residence of The Epic Comic Inspirator of DOOM resulted in more comic pages and an urge to continue. Just what I'll do is a better question though.

Anyway, I'm living on here in my part of the world and will try to get out of my bubble sooner or later, if nothing else because company will probably make me feel better, although I feel like physical company helps the most right now - the parents and the brother has without knowing it signed up for the duty of getting and giving loads and loads of hugs, since that's the best medicine I can think of <3
Tonight's "Super Hero Night" at Slottsskogen and I've promised my brother to act as a photographer, so we'll be off in about an hour or so... Hopefully we'll see some nice Super Hero costumes ^^ The brother will go as Superman, very charming, very charming.

See y'all, and take care ^^
Ato de!


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