Web bullying

Yes, I'm gonna do one too. A blog entry about cyberbullying, yes.
However, I'm not going to talk as much as I'm going to share a few links.
1. An entry from Tumblr (not sure on the origin cus I didn't want to browse through 9.935 notes to find who originally posted it)
2. An image from DeviantART by Nevaart
3. The movie "Cyberbully", which was released in 2011. It's 1 h, 26 min, and though it only show one of multiple scenarios possible when it comes to cyberbullying, it's a very accurate and believable scenario. Some might not think so, but yes, it is. Not only the main character, but also surrounding characters - parents, teachers, classmates, friends. Watch it.
The elements of cyberbullying can be percieved as "innocent", "child's play" or "not meant seriously", but it IS serious! Words hurt! No matter if they're spoken or written! They don't disappear or lose value just because it's writte anonymously!
Even more so, don't come to me and bullshit about calling people names and/or be degrading, and think you can get away with the excuse "freedom of speech". Yes, freedom of speech is important - but it's not made to cover up being an ass to other people. If you don't have something nice to say, move on without saying anything. No one has the right to strip other people of their value, no matter what they may think - and we must ALL take the responsibility and make sure it doesn't happen, and to be there to try a stop it when it does. It won't always work, but even the smallest things can be truly helpful, to both the bullied, and the bully.
With that said, no, I don't believe in flaming people - not the bully either. So "bully the bully into stopping" isn't an answer I support - it will just make it worse.
Ato de, minna.


... that moment when you realise that your blog has gone from Swedish to English because you write in English when you're upset and mostly write blog entries when you are?

Ato de, minna!


You ever get that feeling, when looking at old accomplishes (drawings, writings, etc), that 'did I really do this? Is this from me?'. Not in that good way when it's like 'omg I'm so fucking awesome!' but more like... 'I'm not this good, I can't remember doing this'. Like there's a distance between you and what you've done?

The awkward moment when you ask a question and no one understands it.

Ato de, minna!

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