Tjoho... ho?

Time's flying, and summer's soon come and gone again. Geez, it goes fast, doesn't it?
Currently I'm not doing that much. I'm trying to find an apartment and decide whether to stay in Gothenburg or move back to Örebro for a while. I think it'll be Gothenburg though. Even though I love Örebro I don't know what to do there.
Which reminds me, I have to send a mail to some guy at GU (Gothenburg University), asking how to do about the courses I've already completed.
Drawing wise I miss oil colours, but I've done quite a lot with watercolours lately, and I feel more and more than I like that medium. I can't say I think I've got a good grip around it yet, but it'll come eventually (as with everything else, practise makes perfect). I'm trying to complete at least one picture a week, and I think that kind of discipline-thing is good for me when it comes to these things.
However, I have to find the installation CD's for both scanner and tablet now, since neither wants to work. I have a thought on what the problem might be but I'm not certain... We'll see.
And gosh, I had forgotten how my allergy gets worse when I'm at my parent's house >< In search of sort of solitude and through an urge to be on my own (away from the cat, mostly) I've spent most of my time in the trailer (which is where I sleep when I'm at my parent's place). A lot more than previous summers. Oh well, this is hopefully the last summer I stay in the trailer (I hope to get an apartment, as previously mentioned).
Vdrops has started to come along, and I'm currently trying to figure out more about the exorscists - since my main character is one I better know more about them, or so I reason xD - and somewhere along the line I realise that I have to get the main plot figured out soon. I can't just continue making characters and hope it'll solve itself with time... However much I hate planning and structuring stories I think it's going to be needed if I am ever to manage this project... 
Ah well.
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